About Me

A More Personal Introduction to the Owner of this Portfolio

1. Who are you?

I suppose I should introduce myself. Here are the basics:

  • My name: Yunju Lee
  • Current status: An undergraduate student at the University of Georgia
  • Studies: English, Advertising, and New Media
  • Interests: Writing, reading, photography, and art

2. What are you doing in school?

I’m pursuing a degree in both English and Advertising. I’ve always liked creating things, and I still spend a lot of my time making up scenarios in my head. I’m new to the realm of advertising, but I’ve been enjoying the classes I’ve taken thus far. Right now, I’m interested in the topics of Copywriting and Graphics.

3. What are you most proud of?

The first thing is probably creating this site. To put it in a nice way, I’m a perfectionist. I don’t like to showcase things that I deem “unperfect.” But one of the goals in creating this site is to be more forgiving of myself. To see the things I’ve created as something I should be proud of rather than call mistakes. I call this a public portfolio, but really, I hope this site will serve as a record of the things I’ve accomplished thus far.